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About Us


We are a South Jersey marketing and public relations firm serving the Greater Philadelphia region. We get results by ‘getting’ you first—your business, your culture, your industry. And we use that understanding to create branding, websites, social media, sales materials, and media relations campaigns that deliver. We call it purposeful creativity.

Adrienne Hoffman

You’ve heard of a high EQ? Well Adrienne’s emotional intelligence is off the charts. It’s hard to explain, but her sixth sense about people is a strength that allows clients to open up and freely express what they want for their business. Adrienne gets the you in ‘We Get You.’

She sees the world through an artist’s eye – a visual delight! Balancing her artistry with many years of entrepreneurship, she creates visuals that capture the very essence of her clients’ enterprises. A business owner for more than 20 years, she’s worked with founders, CEOs, marketing directors, and CFOs in both B2B and B2C businesses and in industries as varied as construction, education, financial services, legal, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and real estate.

Known for her warmth and understanding, Adrienne cares deeply about her clients’ businesses and proactively offers insight and advice that goes well beyond marketing.

You can find her reading, in a Lotus position at yoga class, in her artist’s studio—paintbrush in hand, feeding her flowers or enjoying a delicious chocolate treat.

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We get you!

Please call for a consultation: 609-868-2813